Solo (Raúl Di Blasio)

Solo (Raúl Di Blasio)

Solo (Raúl Di Blasio)

Author:Raúl Di Blasio
Publish Date:1997-05-20
Publish Company: RCA International

A personal favorite album.🎹


Latin pianist Raul Di Blasio was born in 1949 in the small town of Zapala, Argentina, the son of a small farmer. He began his musical education at the age of six. He was first exposed to Latin music such as Tango and Bossa Nova, but was also heavily influenced by European classical composers such as Beethoven and Rachmaninov. As a teenager, however, Di Blasio became obsessed with the Beatles and quickly formed his own rock band, Los Diabolicos. The band achieved some success in its home country and did not break up until 1973. He then returned to classical music and toured South America in the mid-1970s. In 1978 Di Blasio went into musical hibernation for five years at a hotel in the Chilean city of Fonsi. At the end of this period of his life, he concentrated all his talent on making music. His debut single was released by EMI in 1983. It was a huge success and was hailed by the media as “the people’s pianist”. In 1987, he moved to Miami, USA. Three years later, he released erica on BMG, which sold more than one million copies in 1994. In order to hold a solo concert in 1997, Di Blasio toured the Far East.

Solo (Raúl Di Blasio)

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